(Oh, Hello Harry Styles!) Album Breakdown: Four - 1D

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One Direction gave me a belated birthday present by releasing their album two days after my birthday. It is like they knew! Here are my favorite lyrics from each tune on One Direction's Four Deluxe Album.

1. Steal My Girl - "Couple billion in the whole wide world, find another one cause she belongs to me."

2. Ready to Run - "There's a devil in your smile that's chasing me."

3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go - "Hey, it took me some time but I figured out how to fix up a heart that I let down."

4. 18 - "All I could do is say that these arms were made for holding you."

5. Girl Almighty - "I'd get down on my knees for you."

6. Fool's Gold - "I've let you use me from the day that we first met, but I'm not done yet."

7. Night Changes

8. No Control - "Her purfume's holding me ransome."

9. Fireproof - "Nobody saves me baby the way you do."

10. Spaces - "Who's gonna be the first to say goodbye?"

11. Stockholm Syndrome - "Baby, look what you've done to me. Baby, look what you've done now."

12. Clouds - "I know you said that you don't like it complicated... but love is always, always changing."

13. Change Your Ticket - "Don't go. It's not the same when you go home. And it's not good to be all alone."

14. Illusion - "I promise falling for me won't be a mistake."

15. Once in a Lifetime - "Someone's calling my name. And it sounds like you."

16. Act My Age - "I'll feel the same around you."

(Photo: 1D and Me)

Bucket List

Monday, December 15, 2014

Do you have a Bucket List? I always think about mine when the new year approaches. What did I do this year that I really wanted to do? What did I discover that I really want to do in my life? One of the simpler but most meaningful things on my Bucket List is to kiss under mistletoe. Who knows, maybe this will be my year? (insert wink face emoji here.)

Here are some cute Mistletoe Esty prints that would be cute framed and gifted to your honey! Along with real mistletoe to smooch under, of course.

(Photos from RBTLPaperowliedesign, and TheJoyofColor)

Album Breakdown: 1989 (Deluxe) - Taylor Swift

Thursday, December 11, 2014

While on hiatus from the blog, two of my favorite musical acts released albums. Let's break down the first one now. Taylor Swift: 1989 (Deluxe)

1. Welcome To New York - "The lights are so bright but they never blind me."

2. Blank Space
3. Style - "You got that James Dean daydream look in your eyes. And I got that red lip classic thing that you like."
4. Out of the Woods - "We moved the furniture so we could dance."
5. All You Had To Do Was Stay - "But people like me are gone forever when you say goodbye."
6. Shake It Off - "I never miss a beat. I'm lightening on my feet."
7. I Wish You Would - "I wish we could go back and remember what we were fighting for and I wish you knew that I miss you too much to be mad anymore."
8. Bad Blood - "It's so sad to think about the good times. You and I."
9. Wildest Dreams

10. How You Get The Girl - "When you left her all alone and never told her why... and that's how it works, that's how you lost the girl."

11. This Love - "When you're young you just run but you come back to what you need."

12. I Know Places - "Just grab my hand and don't ever drop it."

13. Clean - "Ten months sober, I must admit, just because you're clean don't mean you don't miss it."

14. Wonderland - "Didn't they tell us don't rush into things? Didn't you flash your green eyes at me? Didn't you calm my fears with a Cheshire Cat smile?"

15. You Are In Love
16. New Romantics - "The best people in life are free."

Anyone have different favorite lyrics from the album?

(Photos: Target and Me)
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